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Hello, I'm Lina!

I've always found science to be absolutely fascinating!
Seeing how things work, the way it all fits together and creates the world we live in!

There was this one time (not at band camp), I NEARLY BURNED THE HOUSE DOWN!
I wasn't even cooking, I was figuring out why and how things would burn.
After that, my entire family learnt never to leave me alone to my own devices for too long.

I live in sunny Singapore, with the love of my life, two bear cubs disguised as a little girl and a little boy, and a cantankerous diva of a cat.

In 2012, I finally got my Masters in Environmental Science, after spending over 15 years in biotechnology, and cancer research.

I worked in R&D, product development and management, and I've got extensive experience in lung cancer liquid biopsy and sequencing. 

One of the projects that I was really involved in and excited about was looking at how liquid biopsy of lung cancer patients could be used to track how their treatment was progressing, and to check for treatment resistance!

The project was deemed successful, but of course, with any long term projects, more work needs to be done to validate it.

I also got to present the project at the 17th World Conference on Lung Cancer of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC) in December of 2016 in beautiful Vienna, Austria (Mozart, not kangaroos)!

Recently in 2021, I was given (and took!) the fantastic opportunity to work for a huge MNC and pivoted into Agricultural Science!

I went from working on human samples to plant samples! 
(My husband says humans are just complicated houseplants with emotions).

Outside of the lab, I publish a monthly newsletter at www.FussFree.Science. (subscribe if you haven't!)

I pick a topic that's caught my attention, obsess over it, digest it, and summarize my learnings and findings in a nice tl;dr way!

(yes, I'm a researcher both at work and at home. data makes my day!)

I'm passionate about making science easy to understand and accessible to everyone to share my love for science!


Do you have a burning science question that's keeping you up at night?
Is there a topic that you want me to dissect and summarize?
Or do you just wanna say hi and tell me you love my work?

I'd love to hear from you!

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